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Glee star and partner sign first artist to their new Walled City Records label | NewswireNI.

Glee star and partner sign first artist to their new Walled City Records label

Sat, 18/08/2012 – 23:19 — Editor
(Picture is of Darrell Coyle and OranO’Carroll)

DERRY-BORN Glee star Damian McGinty and his business partner and best friend Oran O’Carroll have just launched their record label, Walled City Records.

Not content with running the hugely successful recording studio Audio Booth at the Nerve Centre; the lads have now embarked on the next stage of their musical journey, set up their record company and signed their very first artist.

Local singer songwriter Darrell Coyle is the first artist to sign on with Walled City Records and it is now hoped he, alongside future signings, will be propelled to stardom by utilising Damian’s vast network of showbiz contacts in Hollywood.

“We are delighted to launch Walled City Records,” said Oran from his Magazine Street studio. “It is going to be great for young and upcoming bands and artists in Derry and even Ireland as we will be selling their music on 27 digital stores including iTunes, Amazon, Band Camp, Reverb Nation, 7 Digital and Spotify. We will be promoting their music through Twitter and Facebook using Damian’s near one million strong fanbase. This will also be taking the artists music to a global platform which no other local or even national label can offer.”

And fresh from signing his contract with Walled City Records, Darrell paid tribute to everyone at Audio Booth and said he was looking forward to a bright future.

“My experience of audiobooth was actually brilliant,” he said. “It was a perfect mix between professional and casual, which removed all nerves and didnt intimidate me when I was recording, even when Damian was watching me sing!

“The top of the range equipment and a producer with his head screwed on made all my music sound brilliant. My overall experience was fantastic I had a collection of chords and words and audiobooth helped me make them into fantastic tracks, if I do say so myself. I’m really looking forward to getting my music out there now.”

You can listen to Darrell’s first single My, My, My over at

Audio Booth launched back in June. Damian flew in from LA and performed alongside Oran at the launch which saw hundreds of teenage girls queue for hours to get a glimpse of their idol.

Since then the studio has seen the finest local talent come through its doors and lay down tracks.

To find out more info about Audio Booth and Walled City Records call on and see Oran at the Nerve Centre, 7-8 Magazine Street. You can contact him on the telephone on 02871260562 or on the mobile on 07858043820. You can check out the website on or email him on and check out the studio on Facebook and Twitter., twitter @Audio_Booth

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